yash P.

Business Consultant at TriState Technology LLP

Gujarat, India
Local Time: 03:37 PM
$20.00 /hr

Business, sales and talking with people is something which I always loved and now I am following that by pursuing my career as a Business consultant. So, if you have want to explore an app idea or want to build a great SaaS product, websites, mobile applications, etc and are stuck whether it will be a success or not or if there is a market for that let's connect and I would love to assist you in best way possible. We here at TriState Technology have worked on 600+ projects since 2012 so whether you need help with UI/ UX Design, Mobile app development or Web Development we got you covered.

Passionate about finding consumer insights to expand brand awareness and drive exponential growth for the business. I can help you with my experience in consultation where I try to provide the best solutions for the clients, suggesting them approaches which would make their SaaS products, websites and mobile applications more user-centric.

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