Michael B.

Senior Photographer

Delhi, India
Local Time: 02:44 PM
$30.00 /hr

As a Senior Photographer, the role transcends merely capturing images; it's about sculpting moments that resonate, evoke emotion, and immortalize memories. With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, the Senior Photographer leads a team, orchestrates shoots, and ensures the delivery of exceptional visual narratives.

Key Responsibilities:

Creative Direction: The Senior Photographer spearheads the artistic vision, collaborating with clients to understand their needs, interpret concepts, and translate ideas into compelling visual stories.

Team Leadership: Mentoring and guiding a team of photographers, the Senior Photographer fosters an environment of growth, creativity, and excellence. They provide constructive feedback, share expertise, and inspire the team to push creative boundaries.

Technical Mastery: Proficiency in various photography techniques, equipment, and post-processing software is essential. From mastering lighting setups to editing images to perfection, the Senior Photographer sets the standard for technical excellence.

Project Management: From conceptualization to execution, the Senior Photographer oversees all aspects of a project, including planning, scheduling, budgeting, and resource allocation. They ensure seamless coordination between team members, clients, and vendors.

Client Relations: Building and nurturing client relationships is paramount. The Senior Photographer serves as the primary point of contact, understanding client expectations, addressing concerns, and delivering results that exceed expectations.

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