Amber H.

Software developer

Georgia, United States
Local Time: 05:24 AM
$100.00 /hr

I am a senior Full Stack Web Developer adept developing web and mobile apps that are scalable and maintainable. I am well versed with the current and trending technologies which include Ruby on Ruby programming language, React, HTML, CSS and others.

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Software developer at Amber Tech

Senior Web Developer with a passion for crafting clean and efficient code. With a strong background in full-stack development, I bring a wealth of expertise in designing and implementing robust web applications. My skills include proficiency in Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and database management. Committed to delivering high-quality solutions, I thrive in collaborative environments and am adept at turning complex ideas into user-friendly features. Let's work together to bring your web projects to life!

January 2024 - Present
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