Caitlin A.

Senior Project Developer

San Salvador Department, El Salvador
Local Time: 01:30 AM
$60.00 /hr

I am a multi-faceted individual. I have worked as the Senior developer for large corporations, designed and developed websites for my own small digital agencies clients, I have been the project manager on large international re-branding projects, and a client manager for my own business and others.

I specialize in taking the identity (given or created by me) and producing a website that reflects the brands aesthetic, personality, and ideals. My range of industries is vast and I have built websites on several different platforms using many different page builders, as well as hard code.

I love new challenges and take all projects head-on with clear communication and excel at meeting deadlines.

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Educational Background

Studied Bachelor of Biology and Bachelor of Chemistry at Georgia State University
Georgia, United States

I double majored in two separate sciences. At the time I was studying to be a doctor. I realized my love of technology and development of all kinds while in school and decided to pursue a different path. I start my own digital agency when i was 25 and have travelled the world with this career.

August 2008 - May 2013

Employment History

Senior Web Developer at Indexic

Indexic was a booking software company that hired me to design and develop websites for all of their clients to embed their software within.

January 2018 - October 2021
Project Manager at Brand Culture Company

I worked as a project manager within their design office in Barcelona. My job was to make sure all aspects of the project were properly communicated between the offices in LA, Atlanta, and Barcelona and that all assets were delivered on time.

February 2021 - October 2022
Co-Owner/Designer and Developer at Go2Websites

Go2 is a small digital agency run by partner and I. We specialize in brand and web development for small business owners. We have taken on larger corporate and university projects, but find that our skills are very helpful to the hopeful entrepreneur.

October 2015 - Present
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