Alex S.

Full stack developer

Arizona, United States
Local Time: 09:31 AM
$99.00 /hr

I'm mostly focused on efficiently making small web applications for personal, rapid prototyping, internal-use only, MVP or proof of concept purposes. Some of my past apps have been converting "spreadsheet apps" into web apps, and web apps that import/export spreadsheets.

I build my apps with a strong emphasis on function over form, as I'm more of a backend developer. This means that the apps have a simple appearance, but they get done quickly enough.

Some of the features I've implemented for my own and client's apps have been:
- Play different sounds depending on response from server
- Import data from Zoho Docs (via API)
- Import data from Google Docs
- Import data from an Excel file
- File downloads (for the user or for data import to server)
- Geo-caching via Ruby Geocoder gem and, find the nearest address in the database to a user
- Background Job Scheduling. Useful for complex calculations or things that can wait, so the user doesn't have to.
- Send emails via MailGun
- Created a Ruby Gem
- Data import automation via Zapier
- Data searching/filtering/sorting via AJAX (no page reload)
- Search, Sort and Paginate via Ransack and Kaminari gems
- Automated testing and specs with Rspec and Capybara.

I learned Java and C++ while getting my associate's degree. I then learned Python through Udacity's online courses, and used that for a couple years while researching algorithms, data structures and the hard problems in computer science. In the last couple years, I've been putting my programming skills to work towards becoming a full stack web developer. While I'm familiar with front-end work (CSS/HTML/JavaScript) and use them often, my previous programming experience makes me stronger toward back-end work.

I also have some experience in building React Native (via Expo) apps as well as Django (Python).

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