How can a client invite freelancers on his jobs?

  • Locate the job you want to invite freelancers to

    You can invite freelancers in two ways as follows

    From your ''Home page''
    Click on the "My Jobs" button and go the "Active Jobs" tab and locate the job you want to invite freelancers to as shown below. Click on  the green user icon; this will redirect you to the freelancer search page.


    - Invite freelancers from the proposals page
    Click on the title of the job concerned, you will be redirected to the receieved proposals page as shown below. Click on the green user icon to invite the freelancers.

  • Find the suitable freelancer
    Find the suitable freelancer who matches your job requirements from the listed freelancers or search for others as shown below. Click on the ''Invite'' button to invite a particular freelancer.

  • Send the invitation 
    Send the invitation by clicking on "Send Invitation" with the default message or write your own message as shown below. An email of the invitation will be sent to the invited freelancer from the

  • Invited freelancers
    After inviting freelancers you can see the invited freelancers duly marked by the "Invited" badge as shown below.


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