How to set or update my expertises/skills?

Initially you will set your Skills while building your freelancer profile for the very first time although you are allowed to update it later.

  • Select skills
    Select skills by clicking the box just under the heading "What are your top expertises?". Select the skills from the wide range of choices given in the select dropdown. You can choose multiple skills that best describe your expertises.


  • Update your skills
    Visit your Home page by clicking the "Prowurk" icon or "My Home". Click on "My Profile" from the menu as shown below, you will be redirected to your profile page. 


  • Change your skills
    Click on the green pencil icon right next to your current list of skills as shown below. Clicking on the green pencil icon will make a pop up appear.

    Click in the box where your current skills are listed and select more skills from the dropdown or remove the already listed as shown below and click on "UPDATE PROFILE".
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