How to set or update my hourly rates?

Initially you will set your Hourly rates while building your freelancer profile for the very first time although you are allowed to update it later.

  • Set hourly rates
    You can select your hourly rates by typing in your rate in dollars in the box just beside the "Experience Level" box under the heading "Set experience level & Hourly rates"

  • Update your hourly rates
    Visit your home page by clicking the "Prowurk" icon or "My Home" from the header menu. From your home page click on the "My Profile". Clicking on it will redirect you to your profile page.


  • Write new hourly rates
    Click on the pencil icon next to your present hourly rates as shown below. After the click a pop up will appear. 

    Add your new hourly rate typing in the designated box and click on "UPDATE HOURLY RATE".



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