How to set/update my profile picture?

Initially you will set your Profile photo while building your freelancer profile for the very first time although you are allowed to update it later.

  • Add a Profile photo
    You can add a profile photo on clicking the green pencil icon as shown below.

  • Crop your profile photo
  • You can crop your profile photo by sliding cursor on the bar to make your profile look symmetrical or to make it look clean and free from any kind of noise and clicking on "Crop" or if you want to use the actual photo without cropping it click on "Close".
  • Update your profile photo
    To update your profile photo visit your home page by clicking on the "My home" or the Prowurk icon as shown below and follow the next steps.
  • Visit your full profile
    Below is shown a snippet example of a freelancer's home page. Click on "My Profile" as shown below , you will be redirected to your profile page.

  • Change your profile photo
    Below is shown a snippet example of a freelancer's profile. Click on the pencil icon right beside the photo. After clicking on the pencil icon you will see a new pop up.

  • Choose a new profile photo
    Click on the old photo to select a new photo and click on "UPDATE PROFILE".
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